Are you up for some fun summertime? This awesome game is waiting for you! You will play as a young guy named Jake, who has just lost his dad and is trying to make his way through life. As you navigate through the town, you’ll try different things, meet different characters and interact with them in a variety of ways!

When you’re a Japanese teen

Summertime Saga is basically a simulator game, with elements of a visual novel. You can visit any spot on the map, talk to any character you see and do everything from solving puzzles to fighting off attackers, and even hooking up with some of the heroines! This game isn’t afraid to get steamy, and there are plenty of opportunities to get frisky with some of the ladies in town.

Love, have fun and enjoy life!

But it’s not all just about the romance. There are plenty of other aspects to Summertime Saga that make it interesting and addictive. You have to manage your relationships, keep up with your studies, and try to solve the mystery of your dad’s death. And let’s not forget about the mini-games. There are so many of them, from fishing to card games, and they all add to the fun and excitement of the game. So let’s go, summer is starting!

Summertime Saga

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