Welcome to Toca Boca! This is a wonderful place, really – a tropical paradise on a virtual island where you can live a happy, fun and eventful life. What exactly is in mind here? Create a character, go out into the Toca Boca world and you’ll see!

Easy to navigate and fun to play!

Despite all the things packed into it, Toca Boca has a very simple and clear interface that won’t get you puzzled. It won’t give you any trouble to figure out where to choose your character, or explore different locations, or play some mini-games. Nothing tricky, even a small child can do it (and the game is meant for small kids as well).

The menu is super easy to navigate. You’ve got your character options on the left (the ones you use for creating and dressing up your hero or heroine), the location options on the right (the one for moving around the map), and the mini-game options at the bottom (a whole bunch of fun and addicting activities). Plus, everything is so colorful and playful, you can’t help but smile!

Let’s start from scratch. When you choose (or rather create) your character, you get to customize them to look however you want. You can pick their hair (blonde, red, green – doesn’t matter!), clothes, accessories (as stylish or as crazy as you wish), and even their facial expression! And let’s not forget about that iconic big-headed cute look that Toca Boca characters are known for!

Next up, the location options are a whole lot of fun. You can visit the beach (fishing and bathing), the park (picnics and bicycle rides), the city (cafes, cinemas, hair saloons), and even outer space! Each location has its own set of activities and interactive items, so there’s always something new and great to discover.

Vibrant, diverse and addicting!

Besides, Toca Boca also has a wide array of mini-games! Whether you’re playing a musical instrument or running a food truck, these games are a blast. They’re easy to play and add an extra layer of fun to the Toca Boca experience. And they also come with rewards that can be spent on new outfits for your character or new furniture for your home (oh yes, you can buy a house here too!).

As for the controls, they’re super simple too. Just tap, swipe, and drag to interact with everything in the game. And if you ever get stuck, there are helpful tips to guide you along the way. Overall, Toca Boca is a fun, colorful and user-friendly game with lots of great features and options. So what are you waiting for? Get in there and start exploring!

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