Toca Boca Like World is like a totally open sandbox thing, you know. There’s no one telling you what to do or how to do it, so you’re free to roam around and explore all the cool locations and characters they’ve got going on. And even though it might look kind of complicated with all the different stuff to interact with, it’s actually super simple at its core: just do whatever you feel like doing and have a blast watching all the crazy things that happen as a result. So let’s get in there and start creating our own adventures, shall we?

Can you feel that itch in your hands?..

The fun begins right from the point where you are suggested to choose a character or create one. There are lots of them to select from, and it can be fun enough to just go with any and plunge right into the action. But wait, you haven’t seen the editor yet! It has so many options that it will leave you scatter-eyed. How do you see your hero? Is it a boy or a girl? What color is their skin and hair? How old are they? What are they wearing? Before you know it, you’re sucked into a whirlpool of eye shapes, and hair styles, and outfits… And it’s not just one character you can create – you can make up to 27! Just imagine it, your own lineup of 27 little big-headed dudes bobbing all over the city! It’s nothing short of The Sims, only cartoonish and deliberately clumsy.

Characters, places, fun activities!

So what can you do with all those characters you’ve just created? There is a whole wide city for you to explore! Each location here features some kind of an activity that can absorb you for a long time. For instance, you can go fishing to the river. Or check out the new roller coaster in the amusement park. Or invite your girlfriend to the cinema (wait, you have to find one first!). Or get a job at a restaurant and learn cooking. Or go treasure hunting and find the proverbial Deadman’s Chest. The options are insane! Not to say you don’t actually have to go with anything the game has to offer in terms of time passing and can set up and shoot your own mini-scenes! With its endless possibilities, crazy humor, and engaging gameplay, you’ll never want to leave Toca Boca Life World. And you don’t have to, really! Just keep coming!

Toca Boca Life World

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