Toca Boca Life World Game Play Online

Wanna run away into a colorful and exciting virtual world that is so different from the boring everyday reality? Then you’ve come to the right place! Toca Boca will give you a chance to become a new person (or even several different people at once!), have a great time roaming around a sunny hospitable city and seeing what it has in store for you (and it does, a lot!). So let’s not wait any further – the fun is about to begin!

A new character is born!

Toca Boca is all about flexing your imagination muscles and coming up with your own crazy stories and situations to play out, both in your mind and in the game. Forget about all those basic gameplay elements like fighting or exploring that you see in every other game out there. Toca Life World is all about letting your creativity run wild and doing whatever the you want. It’s basically the ultimate sandbox game, no cap!

To start out, you need to choose a character from those that are available in the game (and there are plenty!) or create your own. The menu is no big deal to figure out – just click on the blue plus and you’re in the editor, ready to shape your perfect hero or heroine. And just how lovely are they! Pure cartoon cuteness. With even cuter big heads! Anyway, the editor gives you insane freedom of creativity allowing to set up and detail every aspect of your avatar’s appearance. Eye shape and color, nose shape and lip curl, face expression and hairstyle, skin color, gender and age… Say nothing of all the clothes, and crazy outfits, and cool accessories that you can find in there. It’s just every character creation maniac’s dream come true!

Explore, try, create!

Once your character is ready, you can drag and drop them right into one of those scenes that always look so nice and fun in Toca Boca games. Again, you’re free to just let the game carry you into the flow of places, events and heroes visiting various locations around the city, meeting new friends, trying different things and activities, playing exciting mini-games… Or you can choose to create all this on your own, and some people find it way more fascinating. Since you can have a good dozen or two of characters in your stash, your little movies can have all sorts of scenarios, from romantic dates to mass fights!

And it doesn’t stop there. Over the course of its existence, Toca Boca has split into multiple small games, each dedicated to its own theme. There are games where you need to cook and those where you need to teach at school. Those that rely heavily on character creation and scene shooting and those that focus on house design. The content is updated all the time, with new items, outfits, features and activities being added in great quantities. There are always tons of things to check out when it comes to Toca Boca!

Totally interactive and insanely fun!

You know what also makes this game so amazing? The fact that everything here is interactive. When you come into a building – any building – you are sure to see loads of stuff that you can pick up, twist in your hands, put or throw somewhere or use in plenty of ways. And depending on how exactly you do it, the effect can be quite different. To start with, just try dropping that candy into one of your characters’ mouth. It’s gonna be eaten! Charming, right?

In much the same way, you can switch the lights in your house on and off, drive your car, use sports equipment at the club and so on and so forth. The purpose of the same items may change depending on various circumstances. For instance, if you come into a hair saloon and see an empty chair, you can sit there and have a haircut. But if there is somebody in that chair already, you can be the hairdresser and run all sorts of crazy experiments on their head! How cool is that?

The controls are as simple as it can be, nothing tricky to get the hang of. The game is suitable even for small children, and they are surely going to find it fun and educative. While their parents will be carried away with all the cuteness and goofiness of what’s happening on the screen! So if you’re looking for a fun, creative, and hilarious gaming experience, Toca Boca is just what you need. Enjoy your stay here and have a wonderful time with your new big-headed, big-hearted friends!

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