Longing for something cute and charming? You just have to try Purble Place! It’s a collection of mini-games that, no matter how adorable and innocent they look, will challenge your mind and put your skills, from memory to logic to creativity, to the test!

So cute and so addicting!

You play as a lovely little character who lives in a magical land where everything is made out of sweets and desserts. The goal of the game is to help that tiny man complete various challenges and tasks, and become the ultimate confectionery master. There are three mini-games in Purble Place, each set up in a different location and having a different goal.

Make cakes, test your memory and match pairs!

First, there is a baking game where you have to create cakes that match the orders given to you by your customers. Then comes a memory game where you have to match different kinds of cakes and pastries with their corresponding boxes. And finally, a matching game where you have to match pairs of cute characters, which can be tricky because they all look so similar! The graphics are adorable and colorful, and the heroes are so cute that you just want to pinch their little cheeks! So get your baking hat on, and let’s make some delicious cakes in Purble Place!

Purble Place

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