Hey, newcomer, you’re in Toca Life: World! This game takes you to a unique and randomly generated virtual town that is wide open for new residents like you. It’s so cute and funny! And everyone in the street too. And even your own character! What next? Keep playing and explore everything!

Welcome to your new home!

Once the game launches, your character spawns at your house where you live with your friends. The world is your oyster – you can shop, dine at various cafes and restaurants, have a blast in theme parks, and more. You can interact with every part of your environment and see what it leads to. You can even create new items – just like in a sandbox, by mixing things you collect and store. Tomatoes and spaghetti can be thrown into the same bowl to make a delicious pasta dish. Add rice and fresh fish and voila, you have sushi!

Go everywhere, meet everyone and try anything!

This is what Toca Life: World is – the freedom to personalize your character and make your own choices, whether it’s living alone or with roommates. Oh yeah, and if they bug you, you can always kick them out and invite someone else to live with you instead! Additionally, you can rearrange all the furniture to your liking and make your home truly yours. The cutest part? When you visit a store and buy something, it will still be in your hands when you walk through your front door – just like in real life! Set out to explore this delightful and bright world and have fun all the way!

Toca Life World

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